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e24/7 Inc. (e247.com) was a cloud-based, integrated online file storage and email service that incorporated music and video streaming capabilities. The basic service gave users 100MB of file and email storage for free.

Co-founded in 1999* by Edward C. Yu (CEO), he and his team raised a venture-backed $4 million Series A Round and built an online service that preceded the cloud-based storage services of today (e.g., Dropbox et al).

In August 2001, e24/7 ceased operations and evolved into EYM Technologies, Inc., an email technology software company.

*Note: e247.com was built pre-cloud (Amazon Web Services) and pre-iPhone/iPad/iOS, when a 1-terabyte NetApp storage server cost $250,000, before WeWork co-office space came into existence and when broadband adoption was less than 10% of US households (broadband penetration did not hit 50% of US households until 2005).